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"This was our 2nd time using Fred's services and once again, we were extremely satisfied. He is highly knowledgeable and conveys information in a way that property owner can easily understand. We also appreciate Fred's sense of humor!"

GEORGE M. of Mission, BC

Fisina Scientific is an Environmental Consulting Company founded in 2010 as a full service environmental consulting firm providing competent, reliable, client focused services. We offer services such as indoor air quality testing in Vancouver and other regions.
Key Features

Fisina Scientific offers a wide range of services for both commercial and residential.

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The main service of the company is to investigate and educate customers/clients of the dangers of poor Indoor air quality testing Vancouver and water quality both monitoring and guidelines due to toxic contaminants from anthropogenic/industrial sources and other natural sources of toxins/pollutants.

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The common ways that toxic mold, other indoor contaminants, toxins and other chemical pollutants affect human health include: nose, throat and eye irritation, allergic reactions like wheezing, sneezing, coughing, skin irritations/reactions and other respiratory disorders.

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Most Canadians spend about 90% of their time indoors and the quality of air at home and/or workplace affects the health of everyone The business employs a multi-disciplined staff of scientists and technicians with expertise in areas, like air and water quality, contaminated sites, remediation and environmental law.

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Fisina Scientific releases informative publications of the latest rules and regulations.

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FISINA safeguards water for everyday life through water testing in Vancouver
FISINA safeguards water for everyday life through water testing in Vancouver

FISINA Scientific Inc., which specializes in environmental consulting and inspections,  upholds cleanliness, safety,…

Indoor Humidity Assessment
Indoor Humidity Assessment

Relative humidity is an excellent indicator of indoor air quality. If relative humidity is too low it may lead to…

Water Quality Testing
Water Quality Testing

Fisina Scientific Inc. has been providing Drinking Water Quality Testing since it opened it’s doors many years…


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